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Pilates and More.... - Where you are not just another face in the crowd...

Welcome to
Pilates Zumba® and Yoga
Fitness Studio
in West Ocean City, MD 

New Hot Classes 
Drum Fit, Boot Camp, and Kettlebells!

Drum Fit is unbeatable! Burns 600-800 calories a session, Strengthen your core, BEATS away your stress, and its crazy fun!

Kettlebells build strength and endurance. They work several muscles simultaneously which adds a cardiovascular component to them! Super Fun!

Tai Chi's gentle movements can help strengthen muscles, improve mobility, relieve aches and pains, and help reduce risk of falls and other injuries so you can enjoying the things you love in life!

We have MOVED behind the old studio to 9927 Stephen Decatur Hwy
Unit G-2

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