Linda Powers Testimonial
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Linda Powers Testimonial


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Linda Powers Testimonial

Linda Powers, one of my clients, says,
"I was looking to add to my exercise regimen to build strength over the summer and especially to tone my muscles. I work out at the gym twice a week and I do Elliptical work for my cardio but I needed to do more and I wanted variety because I am not motivated when it comes to exercising...So I started Pilates and I have tried to get at least 3 classes in a week. What a difference it is making for me! Because of my age (64) I have to do a yoga practice every day to work on my flexibility so I really love doing a Pilates class along with a Yoga class at the studio. Pilates is especially great for someone my age because it is something you can do while rehabbing an injury and that was my case since I needed to recondition my knee and my Achilles tendon.
Pilates made it possible for me to rehab AND burn fat at the same time! I know I am burning fat because I have maintained my goal weight but my body fat % has gone down! This is very exciting to me!

I have only been doing Pilates for a month and I am blown away by the results! I have never found a form of exercise that has given me such quick results. I am now a Pilates Junkie!

Thanks MB!!"