Why it's Okay to put Yourself First
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Why it's Okay to put Yourself First
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Why it's Okay to put Yourself First

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."  -The Buddha
A few months ago I hit the proverbial "wall." Hard. Actually, really hard. I had been so consumed in the needs and the drama of other people's lives that I forgot I actually had a life of my own. During the hard, often times painful process of putting the pieces back together of my own life I was given a great gift. I learned that I matter. Why is it so hard for us to give the same care and consideration we show others to ourselves? We are brought up to believe that a "good" person is always thinking of and doing for others. While this is absolutely true, we forget that we matter just as much as the next person. So how to we stop putting ourselves at the back of the line? Here's how I did it. I now make sure that for at least 30 minutes out of every day I'm doing something that I truly want to do regardless if those around me would rather do something else. I also spend my time with people who are encouraging and positive. There is nothing more soul draining then being in unhealthy relationships with people who are constantly critical of you or demanding of your time. I've learned that I don't "owe" it to someone to stick around and be bullied and criticized simply because we've known each other a long time. In many ways I'm not even half way up the mountain to achieving the personal goals I've set for myself. But to simply have them, and be working towards them everyday makes me feel happy and fulfilled. My hope for all of you is that you be diligent workers on your own life plan, not someone else's plan for your life.