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Each private training package is catered to the individual. Work with MaryBeth Beck MS, a certified personal trainer, is dedicated to your personal fitness and well being. MaryBeth gives personal guidance and encouragement to change your body from the inside out!There are over 80 classes per month to choose from! These prices make it almost $1 per class!

Private Training Packages:

1 Hour Packages

(1 client, 1 trainer, 1 hour)

1 one hour session $48

6 one hour sessions $255

12 one hour sessions $475

18 one hour sessions $660

1/2 Hour Packages

(1 client, 1 trainer, 1/2 Hour)

6 1/2 hour sessions $132

12 1/2 hour sessions $264

Buddy Packages

(2 clients, 1 trainer, 1 hour)

1 one hour session $68

4 one hour sessions $260

6 one hour Sessions $380

12 one hour sessions $760

*All sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase or they will be forfeited there are no refunds

There are a myriad of reasons to exercise:

Reduce blood pressure, lose weight, increase bone density,

increase insulin sensitivity, alleviate low back pain,

decrease depression, and many more......

Let MaryBeth teach you how to exercise properly.

Each training pacakage is catered to the individual.

The first session will include a fitness analysis

(including body composition, blood pressure reading, cardiovascular and flexability testing, and goal setting.)

Once a baseline of fitness established, an exercise prescription will be created and you will see visible results within weeks.

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